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Python Basic and Machine Learning
Python Basic and Machine Learning

Machine Learning is simply making a computer perform a task without explicitly programming it. All these systems have machine learning algorithms embedded in their systems in one form of the other. They are efficiently utilizing data collected from various channels which helps them get a bigger picture of what they are doing and what they should do.

More about Machine Learning with Python Training
  • Data collection, data preparation, data modeling, data model testing and performance monitoring are the five major stages in Machine Learning Process.
  • Machine Learning can be applicable is many real-time environments. Some of them are healthcare domain, face recognition, tagging features in social networks and spam detection of mailboxes.
  • cosmo Training Lucknow is the best Machine Learning training center in Lucknow where you will be exposed to differentiated learning environment as the course syllabus has been prepared by the highly experienced professionals. With this course, you can learn about statistics, workflow of R tool, data mining, reporting/visualization, fundamental of SQL, classified algorithms, supervised, unsupervised machine learning algorithms and lot more. Please check below for the detailed syllabus.
Course Contents
Module I: Basic Python and Linear Regression
  • Basic python and environment,Pandas,Matplotlib
  • Linear Regression
Module II: Classification and Parallel Computing
  • Logistic Regression
  • Probability and Bayes Theorem
  • Parallel Computing [Parallel/Distributed Computing/Multithreading]
Module III: Clustering and Decision Trees
  • Clustering
  • Decision Tree and random Forest
Module IV: Unsupervised Learning and SVM
  • Unstructured Text
  • Support Vector Machine
Module V: Deep Learning
  • Neural Network
  • Convolution Neural Network (Keras) – Image Classification
  • Recurrent Neural Network with LSTM – Build a chatbot