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Python Basic and Project
Python Basic

Our Python training course provides you the unique option of learning Python specific to your domain. What this means is that you will learn Python all the way from basics and apply all the programming skill to build/ work on applications in your domain. This will not only enrich your skill and resume value, it will also make you “project ready” to work in Python projects.

It is supported on many diverse platforms and hence is widely deployed on diverse applications from Finance, Analytics, machine learning, web development, gaming ,Automation, Big Data etc. As per wiki, The core philosophy of the Python language is summarized by the document “PEP 20 (The Zen of Python)”,
  • Beautiful is better than ugly
  • Explicit is better than implicit
  • Simple is better than complex
  • Complex is better than complicated
  • Readability counts
How easy is to learn Python?

Python is a simple language and learning is pretty straight forward as long as you are able to dedicate some time in the class and after the class as well for the duration of the course.

What is the duration of the course?

The course is 6 weeks duration.

Is this a hands on course?

Yes this is a totally hands on course, you have to bring your lap top to the class and work on some examples during the class.

Do you provide a real time project?

Our objective is to take your skills beyond the basics, you will have a project as a part of the course and we try to align it as close as possible to domain or area of interest.

I am Network Admin, can your Python course help me?

Definitely, Python scripting will be very handy for Network Administrators and we will have some exciting projects that will provide you adequate scope to learn and build your skills. In fact Network Admins with Python skills are highly sort after by many companies and Python skills combined with your Network Admin domain expertise can make you a valuable asset.