HR on Demand

Organisations have every day HR needs and some specialty HR expertise that are required on a time to time basis. To employ HR personnel for occasional HR help might drain the organisation’s resources unnecessarily.

HR on Demand offers regular support for basic HR services and add our expertise only when they are essential. Our flexible model will take care of human resource needs of organisations, be it a regular requirement or a professional service, thus making it cost effective and efficient as organisations do not have to pay continuously for expertise that is needed occasionally.

COSMO Advantage

The advantages of Human Resource Business Process Outsourcing include:

  • Tackling business challenges with flexibility
  • Generating immediate and long term cost savings on core HR functions
  • Generating more compliance of key HR practices across the organization
  • Training the in-house HR department on the functioning of latest HR models
  • Making it easier and time-effective for the organisation

Our HR personnel are available on demand for: